1. Public Mediation Resources

Public Mediation Resources


Voice of the Child Report Guidelines 2015

Compilation of Materials for Families

Non Profit Web Resources

Department of Justice – Family Law

Department of Justice – Child Support Tables

Elder Mediation information (English / French)

Fact Sheets are available on a number of topics related to the Divorce Act amendments. These resources are available in a printable format. Topics include:

*New* These two facts sheets are now available in 12 additional languages at: Publications (justice.gc.ca)

Godfrey, David, JD. (January 2023)  The Future of Law and Aging Bifocal Journal Vol. 44 Issue 3

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Hamilton Jack & Seaman, Elizabeth (2000)Between Aging Parents and Adult Children.

Harnett, Helen (2016). EMIN: The Quality Mark in Elder Mediation. Journal Perspektive Mediation 1-16

Judy McCann-Beranger   Exploring the Role of Elder Mediation in the Prevention of Elder Abuse – Final Report…   Ministry of the Attorney General of Canada 2012; Date modified:2021

McCann-Beranger, Judy (2010). Elder Mediation—Changing the Face of Senior Healthcare. Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, Bulletin (Feb/2010).

Skinner, Alexandria (2010). An Introduction to Elder Mediation, or Mediation in Elder Law Cases.

Van Twisk W. (2010). Elder Mediation: The New Crisis Counseling.

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