1. FMC Certification Process

FMC Certification Process

General Membership in FMC

Any mediator or interested party can join FMC as a General Member at any time and then work towards certification (or not).  Mediators seeking certification in an FMC program are required to maintain annual.
General Membership with Family Mediation Canada ($140/year)

Review FMC Code of Professional Conduct

Complete the appropriate certification application form(s)

Go to the Certification Types page by clicking the button below, select the type of certification you would like to pursue, and then click on the ‘Process’ tab for the correct forms.

Download & send the appropriate form(s) to outside references or practicum supervisors (where applicable)

Submit application & pay applicable certification fees

Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition

Family Mediation Canada acknowledges that in some cases a Prior Learning and Recognition application process is appropriate for those wishing to obtain certification with FMC.  For more information about PLAR please contact us.

Consideration of Application

An application will not be considered completed until FMC has received all the requisite documentation and payments. If there are any questions about the form or the process, please feel free to contact us.

Annual Renewal / Maintenance of Certification

Once attained, maintenance of Certification is required annually and includes 20 hours of annual professional development work.  Each certification has an annual certification maintenance form to complete and return with renewal fees of $140/year.

Review our different FMC Certification Types