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Our Mission

Family Mediation Canada is dedicated to the promotion of mediation to respond to family-related conflict.

FMC supports the ongoing development of excellence and professionalism within its organization and in mediation practice.

Examples of issues that family mediators can help families to
resolve include:

  • Separation and divorce procedures and legalities
  • Parenting arrangements in separation/divorce
  • Care of an elderly parent who can no longer live alone/manage their
  • Conflicts between siblings and/or their parents
  • Step-parenting
  • Estate planning/division of assets/property
  • Disputes regarding inheritances/wills
  • Lifestyle change choices upon retirement
  • Exercising decisions under a signed Power of Attorney
  • Caregiving responsibilities for a disabled child/sibling/parent
  • Disagreements between in-laws polarizing family dynamics
  • Disagreement regarding theory/practice of raising & educating children
  • Power imbalance/abuse/neglect Executing end of life
    decisions(Personal Directives, MAiD)
  • Child seeking emancipation
  • Cultural differences (generational, ethnic, gender, etc)
Who Is This For?

The Process of Mediation

Family mediation is an informal, confidential and voluntary way of resolving disputes within a family, where a skilled outsider – a neutral third party – helps the parties to find mutually acceptable solutions to the issues in dispute.

Mediation is a confidential process that makes it possible to have in depth conversations where people can safely share their experiences and perceptions, their needs and interests. This ensures better mutual understanding and ultimately the creation of more mutually acceptable solutions than would happen in the adversarial process of the court. Such shared information is not permitted to be disclosed in subsequent possible court proceedings, and so cannot be used against each other.

Our Story

A national voice for the field of family mediation.

Some of the benefits of membership with FMC:

  • Public policy development
  • Ongoing research on issues impacting family mediation
  • Dialogue and collaboration with Federal and Provincial Governments on mediation-related issues
  • Dialogue and collaboration with other like-minded organizations and agencies
  • Participation on committees
  • Annual Conference options
  • Professional Development workshops
  • Webinars and online training opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Practice support
  • Access to our newsletter “Resolution”, articles, commentary and other resources
  • Access to the world of mediation from the local to the international level
  • Public education
  • Public awareness
  • Member referral
  • Membership directory
  • Links to members’ websites or email addresses
  • Certification at both national and international levels

Latest News

FMC is the leading body providing professional training and certifications for practitioners of family mediation in Canada

Long reaching and long lasting benefits.