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These trainings are available on our teachable platform and can be purchased and completed at any time.  Please note, there is usually a limit from time of purchase that will be made clear.

Foundations for Child Protection Mediation

FMC Members (and affiliates): $1,500
Non-members: $1,700

What is Child Protection Mediation?

Child protection mediation is a process that involves the use of a neutral third party, called a mediator, to help resolve conflicts or disputes related to child protection cases. Child protection mediation is typically used in cases where there are concerns about child abuse or neglect, and the goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Mediation – Ayne Meiklem

FMC Members (and affiliates): $69
Non-members: $79

This Webinar is designed (primarily) for Family Mediators working with separating/divorcing parents. The webinar’s content provides a framework for the initial, individual meeting held with each parent. The framework is organized around themes of information gathering and information sharing pertinent to a mediator’s demonstration of neutrality, impartiality, and the preservation of the parties’ self -determination within the process. Each theme encompasses a number of ‘threads’ that are woven throughout the private discussion with each parent to establish a foundation of common understanding and trust between the mediator and each party prior to bringing them together in mediation. This ‘first meeting’ approach is strictly specific to family dynamics that involve children. The root of all threads is the Best Interest of Child (BIOC) and assisting parents to remain child-focused and forward thinking as they navigate the terrain of family change.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Mindful Mediation in a Multi-Cultural World

FMC Members (and affiliates): $119 (no tax)
Non-members: $159

Presentation A – Brad Mustard, LL.B, LLM

Introduction to Cultural Awareness in Mediation
Learning Objectives:

  • Acquiring a culturally educated lens
  • Recognizing bias
  • Understanding cultural patterns- i.e. low and high context communication, low power distance high power distance)
  • Learning practical mediation interventions when working with the dynamics of culture

Presentation B – Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee, LLM, PhD (Lon)

Cross Cultural Challenges from a Family Mediation Perspective: from War-Torn Afghanistan to Post-Apartheid South Africa
Learning Objectives:

  • Complement Brad Mustard’s presentation by highlighting some real-life experiences.
  • Show how the present global model based on a Western, problem solving, satisfaction seeking, individualistic paradigm needs suitable adaptation to work in societies that are more relational.
  • Summary of the approaches that were taken to modify and apply the model successfully over a ten-year period in some 25 countries of the world.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Elder Mediation Training

FMC Members (and affiliates): $750 (no tax)
Non-members: $900

A 20-hour, asynchronous training package approved by both Family Mediation Canada (FMC) and the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) for their respective certification programs. The course content also meets the FMC/EMIN certification maintenance requirements.

This Elder Mediation Training is a specialized course with 20-hours of training that includes, lectures, interviews, activities, role plays, video demonstrations and readings. Utilizing a person-centered and trauma informed model, the course will share with participants the skills, knowledge and competencies required to be an effective Elder Mediator. Upon completion of the 20 hours a complementary coaching session with the presenter is being offered.

Note: The current offering is Part One of a 40-hour course – the balance of the training to be released in 2023.

Topics will include:

• Impact of Ageism in all its forms; “isms” generally
• Cultural diversity & building cultural awareness
• Recognizing & Responding to Elder Abuse & Neglect
• Screening – indicators, signs and symptoms
• Safety planning & referral sources
• Ongoing Balance of Power
• Building/maintaining trust;
• Addressing subtleties of control; inclusive language
• Ethics and ethical issues weaved throughout
• Elder Mediation Practice guidelines
• Elder Mediator competency & basic understanding of brain health
• Impact of trauma and high conflict personality types

Who should attend: Those wishing to learn about Elder Mediation, Family, wills and estate mediators; Psychologists, Physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, Social Workers, Lawyers practicing in the area of elder law, wills, estates and trusts. This training may also be of interest to other professions who are interested in mediation generally and in working with age related matters.

Moving Towards Solutions – Interests Behind Positions

FMC Members (and affiliates): $119 (no tax)
Non-members: $159

A 2-hour webinar focusing on strategies for helping your clients reach solutions in mediation. There is a basic human tendency to get stuck on positions. There are underlying motivations, wants, values and incentives behind these positions. When exposed, the span of potential resolutions dramatically increases, but sometimes it can be difficult to get people to open up as to those interests for a variety of reasons. We will discuss various methods that help the mediator spot issues blocking interests from being expressed; mining for interests behind positions; and inventing multiple options with mutual gains.  Rhoda’s bio at registration link below.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Preparing Mediation Reports with Rhoda I. Dobler, Q.C.

FMC Members (and affiliates): $119 (no tax)
Non-members: $159

This 2-hour webinar will address the various approaches to writing mediation reports/memoranda.  Many different styles have evolved, sometimes driven by the issues in dispute or even the professional background of the mediator.  We seldom receive opportunities to review the numerous styles and approaches to report preparation. In this webinar many different approaches to mediation report writing will be discussed and shared to increase understanding and to further develop report writing skills. We will examine the components of a mediation report and identify some tips to effectively communicate agreements reached, as well as pitfalls to avoid in written reports. Rhoda’s bio at registration link below.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

A Scholarly Review of Mediation Models – Dr. Desmond Ellis

FMC Members (and affiliates): $89 (no tax)
Non-members: $139

 There is great diversity in the field of family mediation today. The co-presence of a variety of family mediation models presents practicing family mediators with the choice of using one model – the one they were trained to use – or use contributions from more than one model. This webinar is designed to help practicing family mediators ground their choice in a comparison and evaluation of the following four influential models of mediation: INTEREST BASED, TRANSFORMATIVE, THERAPEUTIC, and INSIGHT.  Dr. Ellis will provide an overview of each of these models, focusing on the “Heart of each Model” and “Noteworthy Concerns of the Model”.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Solution Focused Conflict Management – Dr. Fredrike P. Bannink MDR

FMC Members (and affiliates): $69 (no tax)
Non-members: $79

This one-hour webinar, recorded on May 12, 2021, will provide a short presentation of the theory of SF conflict management. Some practical tools and four basic solution focused questions are introduced which you can use as a mediator, manager or coach to resolve conflict and develop collaborative relationships. After the webinar the attendants will be able to: use some SF techniques and refine their own practice, build positive emotions and hopeful and optimistic conversations, and invite participants to reach their preferred future.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

The Divorce Act Amendments – Four Months Later – Honourable Nancy Flatters, QC, LL.B., LL.M.

FMC Members (and affiliates): $200 (no tax)
Non-members: $230

This three-part webinar series examines the operation of the Amendments to the Divorce Act since implementation on March 1, 2021, and impact on obligations and practice for mediators, legal practitioners and other professionals working with families and children experiencing divorce.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 7 days after purchase.

How Does Divorce Affect Kids? 4 Decades of Research – Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D.

FMC Members (and affiliates): $105 (no tax)
Non-members: $115

This 1.5-hour webinar will explore the short-term and long-term effects of divorce on children that have been empirically researched over the course of forty years. We will examine the wide range of findings that have drawn diametrically opposed conclusions, from “children of divorce are resilient and do just fine” to “children of divorce are forever damaged goods.” The credibility of these various research efforts will be explored, leading to a synthesis of the findings to help the divorce practitioner find their bearings on this important topic.

Please Note: Access to this course, including video and course materials, is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Basic Family Mediation 40 hours, asynchronously – Michael Saini, Ph.D.

FMC Members (and affiliates): $1,500 (no tax)
Non-members: $1,700

In the last two decades, there has been a growing emphasis on alternative dispute resolution services to complement the court process and to assist families in resolving family law conflict after separation and divorce. The demand for family mediation is expected to increase with the recent changes to the Divorce Act. Expanding family mediation within family courts has the potential of increasing settlement options for families and helping families move more efficiently through the court process.

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