1. Complaints


Making sure the customers come first

All Family Mediation Canada members have agreed to be bound by the complaint and disciplinary process established by the organization. This means is that they have committed to supporting family mediation that is practiced ethically, competently and with the highest of professional standards.

Should a member violate the FMC Members Code of Conduct (Updated 2021) bylaws, policies, rules or generally accepted standards of conduct expected of an FMC member, then he or she has agreed to accede to the investigative, determinative and disciplinary aspects of the complaints process.

The key elements of this process are the protection of the public, the maintenance of high professional standards for practicing family mediators and the provision of a fair, balanced and remedial process for members.

If you are concerned about the actions of an FMC member, please set out your concerns in writing and fill out Schedule A in the complaint process document and Contact Us for more information.