1. Awards


Long Term Achievement Award

Awarded to a member who has made a substantial and exceptional contribution to Dispute Resolution and/or Family Mediation over a number of years.

Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence in:

  • Government
  • Education/Training
  • Research or Practice

Awarded to a member who has achieved excellence in one of these area, through innovation, exceptional leadership, risk-taking or other accomplishments. Nominees may be associated with a special event, unique project development, research, public education or personal and/or group practice.

Contact us for a nomination form and send it in with all other necessary documents so that your nominee may be considered.

In order to be eligible for an Award of Excellence nomination, a nominee must be an FMC member in good standing and must be nominated by two members in good standing.

Daniel L. Hamoline QC Bursary / Scholarship

This $1000 bursary/scholarship is designed to recognize and reward a person who holds a membership in good standing with FMC. It will be awarded every two years. The candidate will be committed to and has demonstrated an interest in achieving FMC certification in one of its streams.

Contact us if you’d like to apply for or nominate someone for this bursary.

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