FMC Awards

To the Members of Family Mediation Canada:

Family Mediation Canada is seeking this year’s FMC Award Nominations. On an annual basis we ask for nominations from our membership so that we may identify the outstanding work that our members have done.

FMC has two distinct awards programs that were established in 2000 and 2003.

The Daniel L. Hamoline Bursary

The Daniel L. Hamoline Bursary fund was established under the auspices of Family Mediation Canada in 2000 to honour and celebrate the life of Daniel L. Hamoline, Q.C., who was one of North America’s most distinguished family mediators. FMC and the contributors, hope to continue, in a very tangible manner, Daniel’s personal and professional contribution and commitment to the greater understanding of mediation. As practitioner and teacher, Daniel unselfishly shared his wisdom, humour, personal honesty, compassion and creativity and in so doing, immeasurably enriched and energized the family mediation community. Those who have initiated the establishment of this bursary genuinely hope that the evolving theory and study of mediation will continue with the support of this bursary.

The Daniel L. Hamoline Bursary recognizes a family mediator for their outstanding work in the area of domestic violence and mediation. It was established to honour and celebrate the life of Daniel L. Hamoline, Q.C., who was a distinguished family mediator with a personal and professional commitment to understanding how domestic violence impacts upon family mediation. This Family Mediation Achievement Award (FAMMA), which is awarded every second year, carries a value of $1000.  In order to qualify the mediator must be nominated by two members of FMC and a selection from among the nominees is made by the FAMMA jury.

The Daniel L. Hamoline Bursary is given out every two years.


Family Mediation Canada introduced the Family Mediation Achievement Awards (FAMMA) in the fall of 2003 so that we may recognize excellence in Family Mediation though two Award categories.

FMC FAMMA Awards       

There are two categories:

Long Term Achievement Award

Awarded to a member who has made substantial and exceptional contributions in Dispute Resolution and/or Family Mediation over a number of years.

Awards of Excellence in: • Government, Education/Training, Research or Practice

Awarded to a member who has achieved excellence in the category area, through innovation, provided exceptional quality, leadership, risk-taking or other accomplishment considerations. Nominees may be associated with a special event, unique project development, research, public education or personal and/or group practice.


Please complete the nomination form and send it in with all other necessary documents before September 8, 2017 so that your nominee may be considered.

In order to stand for nomination for the FAMMA Award all nominees must be FMC members in good standing and must be nominated by two members in good standing in order to be eligible.

The FMC Awards will be presented at the 2017 Conference.