2017 Conference: Presenter Handouts

2017 Conference

November 20-21, 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Presenter Handouts


My Retrospective on the Unified Family Court

by The Honourable David M. Steinberg


Effective Advocacy in Mediation:

Effective Advocacy in Mediation


Ethical Issues in Mediation/Arbitration:

Ethical Issues in Mediation/Arbitration

Markeing Your Mediation Practice:

Blogs, Magazine Articles, Books, Newspaper and Op-Ed Articles

How to Build a Website

What your Marketing Plan must contain

Mediating Grandparent Issues:

Mediating Grandparent Issues

Parenting Coordination:

Parenting Coordination

The Mediator's survival handbook: how to remain effective after years of practice

Remaining Relevant


Views of the Child:

Ontario Practice & Final Research Results

The Canadian Experience with Views of the Child Reports

Hearing Directly from Children

The Ontario Pilot Project